Sales Training for Better Performance

Ask top business owners what drives their success and they will say “strong sales results.” Although that’s always been the case, today’s tough economy makes it more important than ever.

The Rules Have Changed for Sales Training

  • Here’s the new sales reality: Orders aren’t there for the taking any more.
  • It’s not about selling based on features or benefits.
  • Buyers are extremely cautious and are afraid to take risks with new suppliers.
  • Selling on price doesn’t work. Even if you go the low ball price route, often your prospects just use it to get a better deal from their current supplier. It’s all about them! We have to understand what the prospect or client wants to accomplish, and we can only do that through the right kind of communication.

So… you can choose to sit on the sidelines, hoping the economy will improve, or you can take charge of your sales program.

Sales training for better sales performance.

You can succeed in this new reality with Golden Sales Group’s Sales Training program for exceptional sales performance: Selling Successfully Now™. Developed by Larry Golden based on his years of experience as a successful salesperson, sales trainer and sales team building professional, Selling Successfully Now is for organizations that are serious about improving sales results – even from prospects that were not previously responsive. Don’t wait! Be the organization whose sales will flourish even in a tough сплит-система в витебске economy

We offer sales training in the following cities:

Albuquerque,Arlington,Atlanta,Austin,Baltimore,Boston,Charlotte,Chicago,Cleveland,Colorado Springs,Columbus,Dallas, Denver,Detroit,El Paso,Fort Worth,Fresno, Ft.Lauderdale,Houston,Indianapolis,Jacksonville,Kansas City,Las Vegas, Long Beach,Los Angeles,Louisville,Memphis,Mesa,Miami,Milwaukee,Minneapolis,Nashville,New York,Oakland,Oklahoma City,Omaha,Orlando,Philadelphia,Phoenix,Pittsburgh,Portland,Raleigh,Sacramento,San Antonio,San Diego,San Francisco,San Jose,Seattle, St.Petersburg,Tucson,Tulsa,Virginia Beach,Washington DC,Wichita

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