Golden Sales Group has taken the essence of successful selling
and created a program that accomplishes the following outcomes...

Development of an effective sales process, customized to the client goals, capabilities and industry, to sell products or services on an ongoing basis.


Built-in accountability that includes activity reporting and analysis

Recruitment and training of new sales staff

Creation of a consistent;best sales practice program and a high performing sales culture

A focus on the absolute importance of referrals, the most powerful source of new business. Sales professionals who ask for referrals as a standard part of the sales process will always increase their sales.

A sustainable program: When our engagement is done there is a program in place that is sustainable and manageable.


Every organization’s sales needs are unique, and that’s why Golden Sales Group provides customized services to create your most effective “sales machine.”



are the


of every





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• A full scale training program

• Quarter-day (90 minutes), half-day and full-day seminars

• Single-topic interactive “boot camp” programs

• C-Level sales consultation and strategy evaluation

• Interim sales management

• Individual and team sales coaching

• Talent evaluation and acquisition

• Expert articles for trade association and industry newsletters

ABOUT Lawrence (Larry) Golden, President




The best way to learn successful selling is from the best – and that describes Larry Golden of Golden Sales Group.  Larry is an experienced sales, sales training and team building professional with a proven track record of success in a variety of business settings.


As a print salesperson, he built two large books of business from scratch, one for $8 million and another for $11 million.  He is proud to state that he always developed his own accounts and never had a book of business handed to him.



As a team leader of national accounts for an advertising franchise network, he established the national sales group, increasing sales revenues in 2011 by more than 46 percent, despite an extremely difficult economic environment.


As a sales trainer, he created Selling Successfully Now.  This high energy program is designed to actively engage sales professionals, allowing them to overcome difficult economic conditions by focusing on building trust, understanding what their prospects are trying to accomplish and helping their clients achieve their goals.


As an executive and business owner at RSVP Publications for 13 years, he increased both circulation and dollar volume by more than 350 percent, holding various positions that culminated in the title of CEO.

An innovator and agent of change, Larry knows that change is the one constant every business faces – and our choice is whether to embrace change or be overcome by it.  Throughout his career, Larry has chosen to embrace change by recognizing trends and identifying the opportunities for increased revenue and profit.  Most recently, in the fall of 2010, he incorporated the mobile internet with direct mail postcard advertising to create the first-in-industry Talking Postcard®, which was covered by the Wall Street Journal in May 2011.  Within six months, nearly 100,000 scans and almost 200,000 page views had resulted from Talking Postcards.


As a leader, Larry is an Eagle Scout, a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. and current class president.  He has held a number of community leadership positions.


Murphy Business & Financial Services

"As a life-long salesperson and business owner, I am always searching for ways to improve my sales skills and those of my sales teams and immediately grow my top-line.

What I was truly impressed by was Larry's knowledge of the sales process and the customer buying process and how to intertwine the two into a sales training process that is understandable, executable, and accountable.

I choose those three words very carefully because I think they are the three cornerstones of sales training. At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding& by following Larry's program both myself and company increased sales year over year and became the highest performing office in sales and new client acquisition for two years in a row in the Central Region.

So it's worth every penny to me and continues to have a highly measurable ROI.

Finally, Larry truly cares about his clients and partners and invests himself day one in your success, he is not a here today gone tomorrow consultant in any way. He is your partner and dedicates himself and his staff to your organizations success. There is no fail with him, he simple makes it happen."

Nick L, Chicago

"The program itself is easy to follow. It makes person accountable for their productivity. Larry has made this program focus around not just becoming another sales representative to the client put to become over time a trusted advisor.

Transforming yourself into the advisor role has proven to successful in my own business. I accumulate a greater number of clients who in turn feel comfortable giving me several referrals. With Larry's guidance, my own business has continued to be successful in these hard times. In conclusion, Larry has been a great asset to the RSVP community by compiling a great sales program.

He is a trustworthy and honest, but most importantly he truly cares about each individual's success. He goes above and beyond to ensure that each person under his tutorage is able to achieve success."

Scott R., Arizona

"As a result of implementing Larry's program we were able to develop a trusted advisor relationship with three new clients in 2015 and increase our appointment setting rate 30% by implementing a simple process into our weekly routine. These results were both immediate and sustaining.

We improved our understanding of sales activity ratios so we knew exactly how much activity was necessary to achieve desired financial results. I highly recommend Larry Golden to any company looking to improve their sales processes and propel their business to the next level."

Mike C., Detroit


Our programs are always customized to your needs and interactive to
engage our audience and encourage participation and support active learning.

The best teachers have lived it themselves and
present real life lessons and experiences, not just theory.


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